About Me

So, here you are wondering who I am.

Good question.

I'm Jesica Swanson and I have very few marketable skills because I'm an INFJ. Relationships are kind of my thing and generally you don't get paid for building relationships. I have however been paid to speak and write and that's pretty much what makes my soul sing.

I've been married for 15 years to the most amazing man on the whole planet, Norse. He's the strong silent type, which is a good balance to my rambling and impulsive nature. I am mom to two amazing little crazies. Boden & Isley, my son and daughter, continually help me move past my perfectionist tendencies and into wholehearted love and grace. Everyone else I love is scattered around Montana and Arizona.

I've been through messes. I've seen lots of hurt. I know we all cary battle wounds. I've got my own. My heart's hope is that every single person has someone else to help walk them through the darkest nights. Maybe we can offer that here. A little dose of courage, of solidarity, or laughter to make the walk through this life a little easier.

It would be remiss for me not to mention that I love Jesus. That I really do have nothing without His promise that He's got my back. I'm a peacemaker, a rooter for the underdog, and a compassion giver and I think I got it from Jesus. Maybe we can wrestle together with the hard things about Christianity here, too - as friends.

Let's hang out.

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