Friday, February 22, 2013

Tears, Burgers, and Gratitude.

Today we sat across the table from one another.

The kids enjoying Five Guys burgers. 

Maybe at first I was a little preoccupied by the calories, the state of the art soda dispensers, and the boy sitting next to me nagging "Mom, do you know how a peanut gets inside a shell?" over and over and over until I say "WHAT!?" (even though he has already told me the same nonsensical punchline three times already).

But, when things get real, it doesn't take long to focus in. We talked plans for how to deal with the sudden impending death of a beloved grandma and the inevitable death of another who is dying slowly from cancer. We talked the heartache of those we know who are struggling, divorcing, trying to make it as single parents. We talked about fear and love and kids growing up. We talked wisdom from the Sages around us that share from their sadness and triumph when given a voice. 

The tears fall quietly, from both our eyes. Neither one of us wants to make a scene in the middle of a seudo fast food joint, but both of us are heartbroken. Thankfully we have entered in to share in the sorrow of one another. 

It is times like this, in the mundaneness of life, in the hard places, in the fallenness of seemingly everything, that I see what God meant when he said that two would become one. It is here where I find comfort that two are indeed better than one. It is here where I experience, not just seeing unity, but feeling unity in the deepest part of my soul with another. This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road and it is here, in the midst of deep grief and heartache, that I find joy and comfort, in the fact that God has given me a gift greater than I could ever have imagined. He has given me a friend, my best friend, and the one who reminds me that love always prevails. 

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