Saturday, September 08, 2012


I haven't blogged in a long time, but today I have a moment and something I don't want to forget. This one is for my boy...

Today I watched you, my handsome son, put on your brave face and meet your new football coach. I know you were worried; worried you wouldn't do very well. You know already that some things are hard. You knew this would be one of those things that would take a while to learn. You were nervous. I was nervous for you. I know you are only four, but I want you to be confident. I want you to try hard things and I want you to know the value of team. I want you to experience the honor in trying your best even if you fail. We prayed and you headed onto the field.

 You, my tall boy, look older than your four years. However, your coordination reveals your youth. In a sea of bigger boys, you seem so small, but so sweet. While perhaps I wanted to see you be strong, fast, athletic and tenacious on the field. I really could not have been prouder to see you allow others to go ahead of you as you waited patiently for your belt of flags. You are kind and considerate of others.  I smiled big watching you try to follow your coaches teaching, even when it made your ball fall shorter and your (almost) catches hit the turf instead of your hands. You are teachable.  I watched you observe, like your dad, taking it all in. You were evaluating. Waiting. Trying to find your spot. I hope you grow to become more like him.

Perhaps you are like me when it comes to sports and you aren't much of a competitive spirit or maybe you will grow into it as you get comfortable. For now, I rejoice in you, my son, because even at 4 we have expectations and hopes for you. And I am so glad that even at 4, you takes those, throw them out the window, and prove yourself to be more amazing than I could ever have imagined. What a joy to see you grow. I love you, B.

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