Friday, November 04, 2011

It helps being thankful when you look super cute. :)

Have I told you how thankful I am for Dayspring? Every quarter I get the chance to review one of their wonderful products, just for letting you know my honest opinion about it. This quarter I chose the super cute Ever Grateful Apron (It's on sale now!).
Ever Grateful - Full Adult Apron

Seriously, people, isn't this apron adorable? It has RUFFLES! Ever Grateful - Full Adult Apron

The best part - the embroidered reminder "ever blessed, ever grateful". What a wonderful truth to reflect on this Thanksgiving season.

It seems that God continues to shape me into a woman of genuine gratitude and this is especially true right now. Several of the most wonderful ladies I know are joining me in reading Ann's awesome book, One Thousand Gifts. I have read it once already, but find that the second time through, it is changing my heart even more. This apron was just one more little thing to remind me that "all is grace".

It is hard to be crabby when you are thankful for food to prepare. It is hard to take the blessing for granted when you are thanking the Blesser. It shapes who I am and how I treat others to seek gratitude in even the most mundane (laundry), disgusting (potty training), and thankless (emptying the trash) tasks that fill my day. Somehow by being thankful that we have clothes to wear, that our house will one day be diaper free, and that the foul smell will leave with this bag of garbage - my heart opens a little wider to feel the love of God and give that same love to others.

What things remind you to be thankful this time of year?

If you are looking for a visual reminder, stop by Dayspring  and check out their current thanksgiving line. They are a wonderful company who freely blesses mom bloggers, like me, with fun things to brighten our days. Plus, they have the best encouragement cards! Take the time to tell someone, this week, how thankful you are for them!

Enjoy your holiday season.

P.S. If someone really wants to buy me a Thanksgiving present - I really like this caddy. :)

Give Thanks - Wooden Caddy

P.P.S - Check out the inspired deals page at (In)courage. All us reviewers are linking up and some are offering giveaways. Join the (In)courage community!

P.P.P.S -  I'll post a picture of me and my apron when I get a chance to have the hubster take one of me. :)

P.P.P.P.S - In the name of full discloser, I received the apron free of charge, in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are true and all mine. :)