Thursday, July 07, 2011

What you may have heard ...

at the Swanson house....

As I wrapped Isley up after bath.
Boden: Did Isley grow boy parts yet?
Me: No, honey. Isley is a girl, she has girl parts.
Boden: Oh, and you have fuzzy girl parts?
Me: ...

I am not sure I should have shared that, but it was pretty hilarious.

Me: Norse, does my hair look okay today? ( I tried a new updo, pinning all my hair in little twists)
Norse: Uh, yeah, it looks okay.
Me: You don't really like it, do you?
Norse: Honestly, it's not my favorite.
I will never wear my hair like that again. But, it is summer and I am DYING with this mop of long hair. 

And my favorite of the week...
We were watching our guilty pleasure Friday Night Lights (and we probably should have put Boden to bed before we watched it, but oops). The scene involved an angry Tim Riggins brawling at the Landing Strip with another customer and his brother. There was yelling, breaking glass, and punching.

Boden: What's wrong?
Me: They are fighting.
Boden: Why?
Me: He has a broken heart, it makes him feel sad and do naughty things.
Boden: Awww, we should pray for him mom?
Me: Sure. Would you like to pray for him?
Boden: (eyes shut tightly) God, we just pray for him. That his heart would get better and he wouldn't be sad anymore. Bless him. Thank you, God. Amen.

I LOVE THAT KID. And, I love that God has given him a compassionate heart for people - even if they are fictional. 

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  1. That first one is sooo funny I could barely read threw my tears of laughter to get thru the rest of it lol!


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