Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Can't I Just Be Okay with Me?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about me. Is that selfish? I like to think it is honest self reflection in light of what I tell myself I believe . I believe that God created me, uniquely for His perfect purposes and plan. In fact I love seeing the beauty of others and find myself rejoicing in how wonderfully perfect they are, even in our own imperfections. So, tell me why can't I do that in my own life?

I look at other women and I admire their beauty. Perhaps they are creative or earthy or trendy. Maybe they are silly or great homemakers or highly educated. They could be women who are young and carefree or women my age with calm confidence as they play with their children. Why do my thoughts immediately go to how I wish I were more like ____________. You can fill in the blank.

I like to think I am alone in this mindset, but I am pretty sure I'm not. If I truly believe that God knew best when he made me, me - why should I be ashamed of my strengths? Why should I shy away from a compliment? Why do I doubt when my husband sings my praises? The answer is plain and simple. I shouldn't.

Now, this isn't a reason to become egocentric and start believing the world revolves around you or me, because we know that isn't true. But, I want to challenge you - think of one GREAT thing about yourself and leave it in a comment. Don't shy away - do it. In fact, I think you should make a top five (I'm still working on getting up to 10) list of the things that make you wonderful. Stop believing the lie that you are not good enough. You are perfectly you and the world needs what you have to offer. I will start and please if you make a top five list, leave it in the comments so I can come read all about awesome you. Make today the day you begin living and not wishing. Be you!

My Top Five:

1. I have a great smile. "I smile all the time. Smiling is my favorite!"
2. I am a loyal friend
3. I tell my family I love them and they know I do.
4. I have "Snuffy" eyelashes. They are long and straight.
5. I am compassionate

Your turn!


  1. I am constantly loving I can't count the amount of times I hug, kiss and tell the people in my house i love them.

  2. thank you! love this post! I will come back later on and tell you my 5. love you jes.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Jesica! You said what I think, and I'm thankful for your challenge.
    1. I am a quiet person.
    2. My smile comes from my dad and I like it.
    3. I defend the defenseless.
    4. I am frugal.
    5. My gray hair is beautiful.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts Jesica! You said what I was thinking, and I'm thankful for your challenge.
    1. I am a quiet person.
    2. My smile is from my dad, and I like it.
    3. I defend the defenseless.
    4. I am frugal.
    5. Every strand of my gray hair is beautiful.

  5. What a great idea!

    Here's the first thing that comes to mind: I have A LOT of ideas. All of the time. :)


  6. 1. I am creative
    2. I am a good teacher
    3. I have a thankful heart
    4. I am enthusiastic about life
    5. I am full of love

    Thanks for this exercise. I really had to think about it.

  7. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Jessica you may have to help me with my five as I struggle with this and sometimes wish I could see me as the world sees me!
    Sad but true! Jonna H.


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