Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Be Perfectly Honest....

To Be Perfectly Honest - Phil Callaway    When I was picking out my latest book for review at the BfB site I was excited to see To Be Perfectly Honest, by Phil Callaway. When I was in Bible college a few years ago, Phil,  was the friend of one of our professors, or maybe we heard him speak at a conference we attended, either way, he seemed like a long lost friend with whom I was hoping to reconnect. Phil is a humorist and while To Be Perfectly Honest is funny, it is also challenging.

The book chronicles Phil's year long experiment in truth telling. He provides us, in diary form, the struggles and successes of living each day without letting a little lie slip off the tongue. Sure, we all think we are above the fib, but most of us are guilty of an almost daily failure. At the end of each chapter, Phil provides an "Honest Confession" about how God is working on him through the truth telling process. To Be Perfectly Honest  includes discussion questions for each chapter, at the end of the book.

I admit, this book left me in tears, because of laughter and also sorrow. Each chapter led me to my knees seeking the grace that only Christ can offer. Perhaps, Callaway and I are two peas in a pod. Often, I found myself agreeing to his confessions. As I read his daily log, I could see my reflection. But, then again, aren't we all in need of the Truth that is found in one Savior, alone?

Pick up this easy read if you get the chance. You can read the first chapter here. I would offer to pass my copy along, but it is sitting on my husbands nightstand.

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*** I was provided a free copy of To Be Perfectly Honest from Waterbrook/Multnomah and the Blogging for Books program. All opinions expressed are my own.

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