Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Practical Mom Advice - California Baby

So my sweet, beautiful, flawless, little princess had the WORST case of baby acne I have ever seen! It was on her face, ears, shoulders, even her scalp. The poor little doll even had swollen acne riddled eyelids!  It was really sad. I felt so sorry for my sweet girl. Thankfully I was reminded of THE best product for all things baby rash like. If you ever need something for those "mystery" rashes or severe baby acne try California Baby Calendula Cream. It is AMAZING. Now I can take my little sweetheart out and not scare people with her crazy bad rash. It works great on cold winter chapped 2 year old cheeks, too! Plus, California Baby is a great company with safe, natural, organic products. I love them so much you would think that they would send me some free products (hint, hint), but I found them on my own, recieved no compensation for this positive endorsement, and only wish that my local Target carried more of their products! You can check them out here.

California Baby Calendula Cream - click to enlarge

P.S. - Their bug spray and sunscreen work great too!