Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I needed to hear...

If you haven't read this post on perfection, by Single Dad Laughing - you probably need to hop over and read it.  Even if you don't usually read the things I link to, this is worth the time.

Then you will understand why I am laying it all out for you, today.

I am not perfect - even though I want everyone to think I am.

I have gone weeks and months without opening the Bible - even though I want everyone to think I am a Bible scholar.

I fail at being a mom all the time. I yell at my kids, I am impatient with them. Sometimes I act like I have to go "number two", just so I can shut the door to the bathroom and be all by myself.

I am a crappy wife. My husband is amazing and sometimes I treat him like crap. I am too self absorbed to be the woman he needs on many occasions.

I am a sucky friend. I would rather keep my perfect persona than let people in. I am afraid to reach out because of what it will cost me.

I am too embarrassed to invite people over because 85% of the time my house is a disaster.

Granted, there are many times when I do get it right. I am supermom, sexy wife and loyal friend. But, those days are not every day. Somedays I don't get out of my Pj's, my husband has to do everything himself, and my friends think I am missing in action.

I want to live in His grace and the freedom that being NOT perfect can allow, but this idea of perfection has so infiltrated my being that it will only be by the freeing power of an all powerful God to not only change my heart, but my mind, too! It is my prayer that He can do what I can not - that He will help me be the woman He desires me to be, flaws and all. That by His Spirit I can help someone else move passed the lie of perfection into the joy of imperfection by letting my rough edges show. And, can I just give a hearty thank you to those who have seen me at my worst and love me anyway. You are the ones who give me courage to face the mirror and see the potential, not the failure.


  1. So refreshingly real. Thank you! I did read through the link, too. Good challenge we all need! It's just a little thing, but I will do my part tomorrow to leave my house as imperfect as it is right now (AAGH!) for your visit :)! Love you, sweet lady!

  2. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I just shared this on Twitter. Wish you had a *Like* button.


  3. I found your blog on and thought I'd say hi. I love this post. I could have wrote it! So glad that we aren't perfect. Its too hard. I need the perfect one to take over. I stink at life. Glad I found your blog.

    come visit me if you can: or

  4. Wow!!! That's me in a nutshell...I always think I need to be perfect and therefore am always disappointing myself because I never reach it! ;) I am totally with you on the house being a disaster thing!! Ugh, if I could only get it right! ;)


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