Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The new normal...

We welcomed a sweet baby girl into our family! Sweet Isley (pronounced Eyes-lee) came just before the new year and we are so thankful for this beautiful tax deduction baby. She is amazing!

Often people are interested in birth stories - so I will fill you in. If you didn't want to know all the details, just skip to the end. I was the last in our family to succumb to the awful stomach bug. So, the evening before I delivered I spent moaning on the bathroom floor between bouts of vomiting and...well, you know. By the next morning I was exhausted and asked Norse to stay home so B would have a present parent. I laid on the couch and by afternoon I was annoyed that I was still having stomach 4 I was pretty sure they weren't stomach cramps, but contractions. Can I admit now that I was a wreck. I was so afraid. My goal has always been to have a drug free birth experiences, but after spending the previous night hugging the porcelain throne, I just didn't think I could do it without some help!  It didn't help that when I told my husband that I needed to go to the hospital he asked if he could shower. My contractions were about 7 minutes apart - so I said " I guess so".  I was pretty irritated with him. I found out later that he thought I said my contractions were 35-45 minutes apart - or else he wouldn't have asked. It is funny in hindsight. :) We made it to the hospital around 5ish and after an hour they told me I could stay. They struggled to insert the IV since I was so dehydrated. It didn't really help my anxiety.  I was dilated to a 5 and decided I better take a dip in the tub. An hour and a half later I needed to get out or pass out. Here is where it gets real exciting. I got out of the tub and back into my luxuriously tacky hospital gown and had a killer contraction. I leaned onto the bed and when it was over asked if I could kneel on the floor and I had another contraction - A contraction where my water broke and babies head was crowning. NO JOKE! I was pretty sure that we were gonna deliver on the floor, but after telling my FIRMLY that I needed to launch my giant bod onto the table - I had another contraction and baby was out! The doctor hadn't even arrived yet! CRAZY. I am so glad we went to the hospital, since I am not real comfy with a home birth. It was only about 3 hours from entering the door of the hospital to delivery. God was so good to give me a quick labor so I could do it drug free! Woo hoo! I called all the fam to tell them "IT WAS A GIRL!!!!"

Okay - the gory details are over - welcome back to those of you who skipped to the end.

Now we are transitioning into the new normal ..... stay tuned for more on our life as a family of 2 kiddos!

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