Friday, September 24, 2010

A break...

With Norse home again, I was looking forward to a break. You know - a momma break from bathtime and bedtime routines. Just a little time to myself. Twenty minutes of time to just do whatever I wanted. Perhaps I would read the paper, check my email or simply stare into space knowing that not one thing would be dependent on me for those few precious minutes.


When your sweet two year old, smelling delicious from bathtime looks at you with tears in his baby blues, saying "Mama, come too! Mama read story, too." It is just too much. Soon, I know that I will have to say no because I will have a newborn that will need to nurse. Soon, it won't just be my little man and his parents, but a sibling will have come onto the scene, stealing away precious moments that we used to be able to have, just the two of us. So for now, I sigh, smile and let him take my hand as he leads me to his room. I will treasure this time, because while new memories will be made when the baby arrives, this time where our attention is undivided will be lost. For now I will glory in my only son, while he is still my only.


  1. I remember feeling guilty of robbing our Keith of this time when I was pregnant with Jacob. I see now that the richness of new relationships to be built with all of us and the next, and the next, and the next :)... is so special :)! Praying God fills you, all 3, with fresh ways to love each other and to share that sweet love with this new little treasured life!

  2. The night I went into labor, I tucked Sam in, and I was so mindful that this might be the last time of just me and him. Oh my! It was such a blessing. I remember laying next to him and he cupped my face with his hands and kissed me! Nothing like those sloppy kisses. There are times I miss those simpler moments (not that I would trade Ailey... no way!)... those one on one times. Treasure them. They are beyond precious.
    And having two is amazing beyond description.


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