Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was wondering if you would take a minute to pray for a sweet baby girl named Hannah. She is one week old and having heart surgery today (or maybe tomorrow). You can get a little update here. She is a beautiful girl and I am thankful that the Lord is already working through her and her parents in the lives of others.


Friday, September 24, 2010

A break...

With Norse home again, I was looking forward to a break. You know - a momma break from bathtime and bedtime routines. Just a little time to myself. Twenty minutes of time to just do whatever I wanted. Perhaps I would read the paper, check my email or simply stare into space knowing that not one thing would be dependent on me for those few precious minutes.


When your sweet two year old, smelling delicious from bathtime looks at you with tears in his baby blues, saying "Mama, come too! Mama read story, too." It is just too much. Soon, I know that I will have to say no because I will have a newborn that will need to nurse. Soon, it won't just be my little man and his parents, but a sibling will have come onto the scene, stealing away precious moments that we used to be able to have, just the two of us. So for now, I sigh, smile and let him take my hand as he leads me to his room. I will treasure this time, because while new memories will be made when the baby arrives, this time where our attention is undivided will be lost. For now I will glory in my only son, while he is still my only.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Still no news...

Well, Norse has yet to arrive home with an elk - so I keep waiting.

I am thankful that my mother in law is arriving today to spend some time with B while I attend a quarterly board meeting on Saturday. It will be nice to have a bit of a break.

It is still somewhat of a survival mode here on the home front, but the pets have been banished to the cold rainy outdoors. The reason? Because when I arrived home at 10:00 PM on Wednesday night after sitting for three hours at a continuing ed class, the dog had puked on three different rugs, all over the dominoes and a little in the hallway. GROSS! Praise God this pregnant woman didn't lose it when cleaning it up. Oh, these are the moments when I wish Norse were here!

In less repulsive and much happier news my 24 week checkup went well. Baby seems to be growing just right and I can officially say I have blossomed into a contented fat pregnant woman - I gained TEN pounds in FOUR WEEKS! Let's just hope that growth spurt was the baby and not just my butt. I wasn't chastised since my total weight gain as of 4 weeks ago was only 3 pounds - my gracious doctor just said I was catching up. It was inevitable.

I am not sure the oreo's are helping.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just getting by...

Some times you just have to get by.

Do you ever wonder why things go awry when you are getting ready to go on a trip? Like why in the world would the valve fail on your pipe behind the fridge, soaking into the wall, ruining the drywall and warping the wood floor on the opposite side - the day before you are leaving for a week? I like to think it is so we don't get too caught up in our plans that we forget real life. I am however, VERY thankful that we caught it before Norse left because I would have had to call a plumber since fat pregnant women have trouble jumping into crawlspaces, moving refrigerators, and lying on the floor.

I also wonder why my angelic child decides that this week he should amp up the whining, biting, hitting phase of being 2 - while I try to change the sheets  EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. since they are soaked with pee. It is probably so I remember to be thankful for the very man who gave me this precious boy.

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. I am already counting down the days until my hunter returns from the wilderness (with hopefully enough meat to fill our freezer). I am also feeling beyond grateful for the sweet friends that are helping me get through my CRAZY busy week and to that amazing grace Giver who is sustaining me daily.

How is your week going?