Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hello, Can you hear me?

So, since B has turned 2 we have let him enjoy the occasional movie. It seems that he really enjoys movie time and requests it daily. My question for you is: Have you regulated your child's TV watching time or is it not an issue at your house? What do you recommend for good programs on DVD. We don't get network TV or Cable so for us it is a DVD or nothing at all.

Here is my little couch potato - Do you think he is sitting too close? :)


  1. (i'm not a stalker, really, i just happened to see this right after you posted!) i saw this CUTE pic of B on FB and laughed. it has GOT to be this age. micah has recently discovered "Word World" on PBS and loves it (you could probably get it on DVD, too) it's not bad at ALL. nothing liberal, nothing weird or questionable. (you can look it up online, it's kinda cool!) but he's obsessed! if i let him watch it one time in a day, he throws a fit when i change the channel afterwards & many times he'll bring me the remote and ask for "word world". part of me wants him to enjoy tv MORD (read: break for mom :) but when i see how obsessed he is, it makes me want to limit it a lot. also, sometimes cartoons can be too intense for him (go ahead, call my son a wimp!! kidding : ) but really, some things (on the simplest nicest cartoon) can be too intense (a character getting hurt for example) i usually save his TV time for when one or both of us aren't feeling well and he really doesn't watch more than one or 2 episodes a day (hour at the most). that's just me. i just simply don't want him becoming so obsessed w/ it... i want to keep it enjoyable, keep it a "treat" for as long as i can. (not sure if i'm making sense right now - very tired!)

  2. Hey Jes: Well, since you asked, we are restricting TV altogether until Madelynn is at least 5. (This is our goal right now anyway... we will see how things play out...) We just feel kids could be doing other things and they don't "need" TV... there is a WORLD of other things for them to be doing. However no judgement from me, just what we are hoping to do. However I would suggest Veggie Tales on DVD b/c of bright colors and funny voices. Plus they are funny even to adults, IMHO.

  3. We definitely limit our girls to one or two shows, or one movie per day. Sometimes, I just say no TV today - go do something else! We don't have cable either, but there's a kids channel called qubo that comes in for us. We also take advantage of Netflix - both for them and for us!

  4. Ah... I wanted to not ever have him watch TV, but... I got pregnant again. So fatigue won the battle and Sam watches Elmo. When I nurse and he is antsy, Elmo is his (and my) friend. Alas.

  5. Such tough decisions! My oldest didn't watch any TV until she was two and only little bits after that. Lately, she watches 30-60 minutes while her baby sister naps.

    In the spring, fall, and winter, we tend not to turn on the TV at all because the weather is so nice outside. But in 100 degree weather...we make do. :)



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