Monday, March 15, 2010

Sickness, Sleep and Sanity....

I am weary.
Sleep Wellness - Tips for a Good Night's Sleep as represented by a tired young woman sitting on the edge of a bed rubbing her eyes.
So many things are good in my life, but right now I feel overwhelmed with the things that are trying.

It could be that I haven't had a full night of uninterrupted sleep in over a week. I am tired. I keep thinking that soon my body will just start functioning normally on little sleep, just as it did when Boden was a little guy. Not so secretly, I am hoping and praying that my sweet little man gets well.

Back to back illness' have taken their toll and while I am weary, I know that sleepless nights are a small price to pay for the a precious son who wants to be near his mama. I just don't know if my heart can take hearing
the cries for one more night. I forget how much it hurts to not be able to "fix it". I forget how much I am NOT in control. I forget how ticked I am that they don't make an over the counter cough syrup for kids under 5.  I forget how inept I am, until simple things like stomach flu and dry coughs remind me of that fact.

For now, I am leaning on the strong arms of my Heavenly Father, to get me through one more night of tears. I pray that He will bring calm hearts and a restful night to our home. Sometimes I am painfully aware that my "problems" are so miniscule compared to those who suffer so much more. So, tonight I also pray that needs I will probably never know, will be met, along with the quick healing of an almost two year old.

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  1. God bless you mama as you take care of your sweet boy. I know how hard that is! I know how our babies hurts hurt us more than our own! I pray he gets better soon!


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