Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm never gonna be cool...

The other night while loading the dishwasher I had an epiphany. I am NOT cool and probably never will be. Here is why:

1. I had headgear.

2. I have no chin - well I have one, but if you look at my profile, it is pretty much the worlds smallest chin. I blame the headgear.

3. I like to listen to old school Mariah while doing housework late at night.
 I have even been known to dance - a little bit like Elaine Benes

4. I still make references to old Seinfeld episodes.

5. In Jr. High I had the unfortunate nickname "The Joker" because of my abnormally large smile. I thought I would grow into it; I didn't.

6. My hair is naturally curly. This means that I never wake up with hair that can just be brushed and left to its own devices. 
(Photo found here and it is NOT me, but my hair has done this after a fight with the blow-dryer)
If we go camping, you will never be able to take me seriously again, once you have seen my hair in the morning.

7. I am horrible at sports.

8. I don't get jokes about current pop culture.

9. I am don't fit nicely into any people group (i.e. Outdoorsy, Hippy, Yuppy, Academic, Redneck...) I am just strange.

10. I married a left handed, red-head. Try that for a discriminated people group. :)
 Good thing he is so smokin' hot!

11. I am not easy to get to know. Translated: I don't have a plethora of friends. (But I LOVE the ones I have:)

12. I can't end lists in a multiple of 5.

13. I talk in math terms, occasionally.
Image found here

14. I like sappy country love songs 

80's bands like Bob Segar, Foreigner, Journey, Pat Benetar and old school John Mellencamp (thanks mom)

 I prefer the early Beatles to the latter;

 and I am not afraid to sing them loudly in the car.

That is just a start. I am pretty sure that I am content to be an adult and not worry much about my social status and I am thankful for my sweet friend, Rachel, who thinks I am cool. Hopefully this doesn't totally change her mind.

Have you ever had a moment when you realized how un-cool you are? The best part is knowing that it really doesn't matter.


  1. just stumbled across your blog...this post made me laugh, not at you, but at how many of these are also true for me!

  2. Oh, the headgear. Thankfully, I only had to wear mine at night - although it was SO uncomfortable!!!

  3. You are SO fun (and I think VERY cool :)!!! I love that we share such fond memories of headgear! I'm pretty sure I laughed in my orthodontists face when he told me I should wear it to school!

  4. Naw, all this stuff (except for the country songs, I'm afraid) are way cool!


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