Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent, reevaluating, and making sacrifices...

If you weren't aware Lent began on Wednesday. I have never been a "give something up for lent" kind of person. It really hasn't ever been a large part of any church or ministry that I have been involved with. But, lately I have been realizing that there are certain things that I should probably give up - regardless of lent. Or at least things that I need to take a break from because they are replacing the good things that should be consuming my time.

So, I am giving up Facebook for a while. Well, not really giving it up, because I do use the site as a tool for communicating with the people who are working on different projects with me. So, I am giving up FB as a time waster. No more surfing when I am bored. It seems silly, but I cannot believe how often I just default to going on FB instead of doing something more meaningful. We don't have television, so that doesn't distract me, but I have simply replaced it with FB. It is embarassing to admit this. Already this morning I can count 4 times that I was going to click over, just because I was putting off changing the laundry over, doing the dishes, or reading my Bible. When did I become such a joke?

I have already accomplished much and feel like having one less time waster will help me move forward on my goals to become a more intentional parent, more attentive wife, and hopefully, healthier spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Instead of looking at lent as an archaic spiritual ritual, it is helping me take the time to reevaluate and purge some of the crap in my life. I am pretty sure that God (and my family) can smile about that.


  1. i hear ya there. although i hope to do it longer than just lent. i've just switched to only using the computer during nap time. haven't been doing facebook much either. and it's refreshing. miss you! hope to keep in touch still.

  2. I am with you 100%! I was honestly happier with just doing my blog and now I get on FB way too much. Find myself thinking just for a few minutes or one more time...knowing that it takes time away from cleaning and other important family things. Thanks for doing this. I have cut back on FB lately and will continue to do so. However, I am still on there if you want to talk on there my link to FB is on my blog. I do find it to be a great outlet for people needing prayer and help.

  3. I'm with you as well. I call my computer my biggest time suck. So easy to lose yourself in it for a couple of hours, then wonder where your day went! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I feel you. Internet can consume so much of our time, but it can be used for good too... all about balance I guess.

    It's been a while since I've been by... hope everything is awesome with you guys!


    PS I launched a new blog about a month ago. Taking the whole blogging thing to a "'hole 'nuther level"
    You can check it at if you don't think it would waste too much of your time online :)

    But if not, I understand.

  5. I just abandoned FB too...and the cool thing is, I don't miss it!! If I have a spare minute I might pop on and check in, but not being an active "member" saves more time than I ever imagined. Yay for you! =)


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