Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just Finished : The Relationship Principles of Jesus

While meant to be read in 40 days - it took me more like 400. (Well, not quite.) 

The Relationship Principles of Jesus

Whether you enjoyed the Purpose Driven life, or despised it, this book from Tom Holladay - a pastor at Saddleback- is an easy read filled with practical lessons. It offers nuggets of wisdom found in the interactions Jesus had with the people in his life, encouraging the reader focus on what is truly important - people.

6 weeks focused on:

  • Placing the highest value on relationships. 
  • Loving as Jesus loves you. 
  • Communicating from the heart. 
  • Judgement - As you judge, you will be judged. 
  • Servants as the greatest. 
  • Treating others as you want them to treat you. 
All areas that I need to be reminded about, often. 

It would be a great group study since he provides discussion questions in the back  of the book. I often pass my books along, but I already feel like this is re-readable because of the applicable content. I am adding it to the library. 

(And just so you know - I didn't get anything for this positive review. I just liked the book and thought you might, too.) 

Friday, February 26, 2010

One hand to pull you close... the other to push you away...

It has been a FAIL week.

I long to be the woman I should be, while making the choices that lead me farther away from joy.

This song is on repeat right now - just hoping that my actions will soon reflect my hearts desire to be a better woman, wife, parent, friend. Looking forward to a brand new day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent, reevaluating, and making sacrifices...

If you weren't aware Lent began on Wednesday. I have never been a "give something up for lent" kind of person. It really hasn't ever been a large part of any church or ministry that I have been involved with. But, lately I have been realizing that there are certain things that I should probably give up - regardless of lent. Or at least things that I need to take a break from because they are replacing the good things that should be consuming my time.

So, I am giving up Facebook for a while. Well, not really giving it up, because I do use the site as a tool for communicating with the people who are working on different projects with me. So, I am giving up FB as a time waster. No more surfing when I am bored. It seems silly, but I cannot believe how often I just default to going on FB instead of doing something more meaningful. We don't have television, so that doesn't distract me, but I have simply replaced it with FB. It is embarassing to admit this. Already this morning I can count 4 times that I was going to click over, just because I was putting off changing the laundry over, doing the dishes, or reading my Bible. When did I become such a joke?

I have already accomplished much and feel like having one less time waster will help me move forward on my goals to become a more intentional parent, more attentive wife, and hopefully, healthier spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Instead of looking at lent as an archaic spiritual ritual, it is helping me take the time to reevaluate and purge some of the crap in my life. I am pretty sure that God (and my family) can smile about that.