Monday, December 07, 2009

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt

MckMama does something called "Not Me Monday" . Usually I like to just wallow in my parenting mistakes all by myself, but since I have photo documentation of our recent Christmas Tree harvest, I thought I would join the fun. Really, if we can't laugh at ourselves, why did we become parents in the first place?

You know me...
I would not choose to go hunt for a Christmas tree, when temperatures were hovering in the teens. It couldn't have been me that dressed my son in mittens that were too big and certainly not waterproof.
When he took a little tumble because of the uneven terrain, I did not whip out the camera to catch a picture before I helped him.

And I would NEVER EVER let my child play with a saw (in the sheath) to distract him from the freezing cold.

It wasn't me who forgot to bring a scarf to wrap around his little cheeks.

I definitely didn't lose my cool and tell my sweet, jolly husband "To just PICK A TREE, any tree!" while thinking something much worse in my head.

And you know it wasn't my child who was so cold and cranky that he cried and yelled "NO" everytime I tried to comfort him.

You are right, it was certainly some other family.

Fortunately noone lost any digits to frost bite and we happily warmed up on the way down the mountain.

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