Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Project 2009 - #1

Well, since we are trying to buy less, make more, give more this year I thought I would try to replicate those super cute holiday canvases that I am seeing on etsy and our local holiday bazaars.

We don't have art canvases at our house, but we DO have an abundance of scrap lumber from Norse's scavenging at work, the dump and from our own improvement projects. He was kind enough to square a few small pieces for me.

I don't have a picture, but if you have really rough wood, you are going to want to sand it smooth before you start. Most of mine was already varnished, but where Norse made the cuts it was a little ragged and I made the mistake of not sanding it.

Next I gathered my tools -

Cheap foam paintbrush
Some wrapping paper scraps
Decoupage stuff (I used "Collagepodge" but I am sure that Mod Podge would work, too)

First, you are gonna want to decoupage your wood with the wrapping paper scraps. This was my first attempt at this and it worked pretty well by "painting" the podge on the face of the wood and then smoothing on the paper. I did have a few bubbles that I didn't quite get out, but since I am not a pro, I am not too worried about them. (It's the thought that counts right?) Slowly work your way around the edges "wrapping" your board and gluing it down. Let it dry

Then I printed out what I wanted it to say ("Let it Snow!") in a fun font and stenciled it onto my dry board. (Here is a great stenciling tutorial)

Then I painted it green with some old crusty paints. It looked really bad and was hard to read, so I went back over it with black and think it turned out okay. At least it is readable.

Here is the finished product -

I put this one up so you can see the imperfections... the wrinkled paper - my bad. Hopefully the next one will be better.

(It looks better from a distance :) ) 

Cute? or Lame? You decide.

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  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I think it's really cute. I'm quite impressed.


  2. Really cute!! i was looking at my measly amount of christmas decorations that i have...wishing i had more - not wanting to spend more money on them! this is a great way to make decorations yourself. martha stewart is having "hand made gifts" all week long on her show - i saw some cool trees you make out of magazines. sweet!

  3. TOTALLY cute!! I'm also looking for anything I can do cheaply this year to spruce up my house; I'm gonna try this!

  4. very cute and I like that you used what you had. I'm going to check out tht stenciling tutorial. :)
    thanks for sharing.


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