Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas, Christ and Kids...

Now that B is getting older I have been thinking a lot about how to help him see the real meaning of Christmas. I have heard of the Jesse Tree and of course we will read the real Christmas story together, but how do you make Jesus a part of the day?

Part of my struggle is that holiday gatherings mean people of different beliefs get together. I haven't seen faith in action, at Christmas time, growing up and it seems that Norse's family isn't real great at bringing Christ into the celebration either. (They do attend a Christmas eve service, and I hope to carry on that tradition.)

This Christmas we are hosting dinner at our home for the crew and I wish I knew how to balance being a gracious host, acknowledging the true reason for the season, all while making sure everyone has fun and no one is offended.

Have any of you sucessfully navigated the holiday season with a family of both believers and non-beliers? If so, I would love to hear your ideas and encouragement.

Also, share your ideas for making Jesus number one in your home as you celebrate Him during the season.

It would be much appreciated!

P.S. - Do any of you make a breakfast birthday "cake" for Jesus Christmas morning? If so I would love a recipe.

There are some great ideas about gift giving here and here, that we have adopted. In hopes that we don't lose our focus in consumerism. Check them out if you have time!


  1. Madi is only two and I think about the same thing. She does have a new favorite Christmas song...Go tell it on the mountain is on one of our Christmas CDs. I think she learns best through songs so that's a thought.

  2. I wish I could answer that question for you. I have struggled with that myself. I live in a family of all believers, and yet when I mentioned to my husband about reading the Christmas Story at his family gathering he said "no way". It was pretty touchy. I wish you luck in your balancing act.
    teri of 2sisters2gether
    p.s. thanks for becoming a follower of our blog a crafty clan


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