Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthday's Never Reached

Today was your birthday, Dad. It is hard to believe you have been gone over 9 years now. You've missed a lot. We've missed you. I'm a mom, to a boy who is arriving on the two year mark rapidly. I still live in Montana. It's late and I'm tired, but I can't quit thinking of you. The memories come at unexpected times. As I scroll through the old pictures Debbe scanned for me, the ache is there. The longing for the times that we never got to have together - the times robbed by either our individual stubbornness or the times stolen because the cancer took you too soon. But, for now I will be thankful for the times we did have, the laughs we shared, the stories we read together. I can shed a few tears as I remember you, my dad, and try my best to enjoy each day I have because we both know, this life ends too quickly.

I miss you.

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  1. Can't see to write, due to the sweet tears as I grieve with you (and a bit for myself). My Mom keeps telling me to write a "grief letter", but I keep pushing it off. You may have inspired me! You are such a treasure, and I'm grateful for the ways God used your Daddy to mold you into the beautiful woman you are!!


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