Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Little Sweat is Better than Nothing...

I fell off the wagon with my lifestyle change.

i can make some excuses if you would like.

I also GAINED weight.

So, it is my great fortune that I have some wonderfully motivated pals who have begun weighing in every Saturday, as we compete to lose the most weight.

My realistic goal is to lose 10 pounds. That will put me at my pre-preggo weight. My radical goal would be to lose 30-40 pounds so I would be the same weight I was when I graduated high school and the same weight I was on my wedding day.

Monday I had a good long walk with Boden on my back. Probably 3-4 miles. It was made easier because Shannah went with me and everything is more fun with Shannah!

Yesterday nothing.


I am waiting for a new DVD in the mail to kick my butt into shape on days when I can't get outside because of inclement weather and the elliptical seems boring.

Today, good ole YouTube saved the day. My goal is to do at least one active thing a day. I ran across this SHORT and simple video that had me sweating in no time.

If you only have a few minutes (which is usually the case - since I try to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done during B's nap) try this 10 minute video.

It is free and fun. Plus, the lady is neither scantily clad or annoying.

Get your workout on peeps!

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  1. So cool! I had no idea there were workout videos on YouTube!

    I am in the midst of a weight loss journey, too. My pre-preggo weight (from, oh yeah, TWO YEARS AGO!) is actually less than my high school graduation weight. That's my radical goal. I keep gaining and losing the same two pounds. Super frustrating.

    Sorry for rambling - just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link!


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