Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Talk Radio Makes Me Want to Vomit.

Can I just say that I know I am a hypocrite. That will be my disclaimer for the rant that is about to ensue.

Have you noticed how angry people are these days? How angry Christian people have become? Honestly, I feel like they are acting like spoiled little brats who didn't get their way during the last election. We have friends, who we love and respect, who are slowly driving others away because of their continued negativity and conspiracy theory driven antics. Frankly, I am sick of the pity party. I am sick of the ridiculous way politics has become the new religion. I am sad to see the Gospel minimized so that Republicans and Democrats can push their respective agendas. It is my personal opinion that if you really believe what Jesus taught, then you wouldn't have gotten your way for the last few decades of elections. So, move on and live in the hope of Christ and in the light of eternity. AND stop listening to talk radio - SERIOUSLY.

May I just say that I did not vote for President Obama - my decision was based primarily on my differing opinion on the big issues of health care reform, immigration, governmental spending, renewable resource legislation and where he stands on family issues. Other than that I think he seems like an okay guy having never personally met him.

Here are the reasons why I think it is okay that Obama is the president:

1. I serve a Sovereign Lord. A Lord who knows the beginning to the end.
2. How can a Christian spout venom and still praise?
3. Jesus lived under the rule of "ungodly" leaders.
4. Without balances of ideas there is dictatorship.
5. Obama isn't my enemy.

You may not agree with me. You may now label me as a heretic, apostate, and maybe even democrat. You may tell all those you know to pray for me that I would not be led astray. My suggestion to you...reread the Gospels. Turn off the talk radio. Start living as Jesus has called you to live in the land he has placed you to live. Continue to fight for issues that you are passionate about, but don't fight for the sake of fighting for an issue, fight for the people that the issue affects. Get over your bitterness.

And NEVER, EVER, EVER ask me to sign some political petition while I am visiting with friends in the church foyer, especially if you don't even know my name. It really ticks me off. Set it on the table. Put an announcement in the bulletin, but believe me - your piece of paper will never be more important to me than the person standing beside me.

Rant completed. Thank you for your time.


  1. Amen Sister!!
    Well said. Jesus first always!!
    I admire your boldness and your obvious strong walk in the Lord!

  2. Jes i would just like to say i agree wholeheartedly with you...obama is not the anti christ and well if he is...God is still in control...i also just wanted to tell you how much i respect you and your opinions...


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