Friday, October 16, 2009

Resurrecting Autumn...

I have heard other bloggers referring to their hometown as cold, frigid, or even the frozen tundra. It reminds me that most things are relative since last week we had snow and lows in the single digits. So to all you other bloggers who are still posting pictures of your children outside without snowboots, hats and winter've got it pretty darn good! Thankfully the snow melted and was replaced with rain. I took the opportunity to head outside and gather some fall foliage before it all blew away or it was covered with the white stuff again!

I brought it inside (just like our pumpkins - at night so they don't freeze and rot) and stuffed it in an old metal can we found while meander through the fields at an old ranch a few years ago.


I resurrected autumn in our home! I refuse to skip directly to winter. I like fall. It is my transition time and without it - I get grouchy!

You can call me Martha if you would like.

Oh and by the way I am headed out of town for a girls ONLY weekend! Thanks for the encouragement ladies. Pray that my farewell to the little man isn't too weepy (and of course I am talking about me. He will do great with Papa)


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Love how you brought the outdoors in!


  2. It looks very pretty! I'm so glad we're lucky enough to get a "real" fall season. There's no way I could handle snow yet!


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