Thursday, October 01, 2009

Gotta love free stuff!

I am sorry if you missed it, but the Nester just had 24 hours of giveaways. She has a wonderful blog about all things involving the nest, but I bet you already figured out it was wonderful since she has enough fans and supporters to allow her 24 giveaways! If you haven't visited her - go check it out.

It was my great fortune that I had the time (while my husband slept in his recliner) to enter a bunch of the contests. It was my even better fortune that I WON one of them (and it really was one of my favorites!). I won this -

It is from a great store called the White Flower Farmhouse. I had never heard of this place before - probably because I live in Montana and they are in New York. However, they have an online store filled with the most wonderful country, beachy, antiquey items! I cannot stop perusing their things! So since you are seething with jealousy over my super awesome win - go check out their stuff and treat yourself (or start saving up to treat yourself) to a new treasure.

Thanks White Flower Farmhouse and The Nesting Place.

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