Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wide Load

Next year I turn twenty-ten (some people would call that thirty, but I am not one of those people)

It will also be my ten year wedding anniversary.

It will also be a time when we might want to add another small one to our family.

And on a more depressing note - if I maintain the same weight I will have gained 30 pounds since the day I was married.

I have officially crossed the barrier (with this 8 pounds of fat that I didn't shed after B was born) to the "overweight" category according to my BMI.

I struggle to write that I desire to lose weight because I have several friends that would LOVE to be the size I am, instead of their current weight. I also worry that because I am not obese it merely seems shallow or vain that I would even struggle with weight issues - because I am not THAT big.

Nonetheless, it has really been bothering me lately.

I find that being at home I have become slothful and undisciplined. Mind you, I don't want rigid structure and law. I am all for letting loose every now and again, but since I no longer have to go to work or be "presentable" on a daily basis - it is easy to whip up a batch of frosting and devour the whole thing. I also don't get nearly enough exercise. I really have no excuses. I have the means, just not the motivation.

I am hoping that if I publicly announce a goal and publicly admit when I TOTALLY blow it that I would be motivated.

I know my story is not new. I know that this is a little lame, but I need to make some changes. If I want to rock a bikini on my 10th wedding anniversary or carry another precious baby in my womb, I NEED to be healthier.

So here are my goals -

Very doable goal:
Lose 5 pounds and have a normal BMI
Can probably do it if I make a REAL effort:
Lose 10 pounds and be thinner than before I got pregnant.
Probably gonna have to work my hinee off to achieve goal:
Lose 25 pounds and feel better than I have in YEARS (and bonus - probably have to buy new clothes.

Things I need to do to achieve any of the goals?
No more frosting or cookie dough binges
Exercise for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.
Find a friend to help me along on this process that I can be completely honest with.

Maybe you are in a similar situation that I am. If you would like to be accountable to me (and I to you). Let me know. I really need someone to wage this little battle with me. I have tried numerous times to get my sweet husband to help me out, but he doesn't really understand. The man is so in love with me that he always says, when I bring it up, " I like you the way you are. I think you look good!" (I know - SWOON) However, my desire is to be GREAT for him and a little more healthy for me.

I will try to post an update on my progress weekly. If you have any pointers, resources or want to join me on my first ever healthy living plan (because I don't do diets and really I have never made a true attempt to curb any of my bad habits regarding food) leave a comment with your email and we'll connect!

And as embarrassing as this is - my start weight is 170.5

Hopefully I will never see that number again!


  1. oh man. i'll totally do this with you. i forgot to mention this part in the long email i just sent you. please, i want to team up w/ you. for every reason you mentioned - exactly. although, add like 800 lbs. onto your weight and you get mine. (ok i exaggerated that number a bit, but you get the point). please. i'll partner along w/ you and whoever else wants to. i do not know if i could post my weight just yet!! you are brave. ugh. anyway, yes - diets really don't work. lifestyle changes do work. it has to be a lifetime commitment much like marriage WITH the exception that you CAN cheat some (haha) - you have to allow yourself room to cheat a little in dieting or else you will never last. that's what i've learned. now i need to put it to work. i'm with you on this.

  2. Ok Erika! I will be emailing you! Thanks for being my pal and you're are gonna have to be mean because guilt is a great motivator for me... :)

  3. i'm good at inflicting guilt : ) haha. seriously though. i need it right back. my biggest thing is finding healthy snacks that taste good. so hard to eat healthy while so busy... and limited time to eat, period. so i need to get my butt in gear. we can do it! i'm willing to document my weight loss on my blog, but i may not be willing to publicly admit my weight...yet. i'll email it to you though.

  4. twenty-ten. i'll have to remember that as I get ever so close to it.


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