Thursday, August 20, 2009

Self Control

I have none...
self control that is.

This week did not go so well.

My true confession is summed up here:

No exercise
Huckleberry Cheesecake

On a more positive note, I did have devotions for the last three days in a row! MUCH BETTER than previous weeks (ok... months)

I celebrate the victory in one area and recognize that self control is not one of my strengths. I know this, but sometimes I think that I am stronger than I really am.

How about you?

Is there something in your house that you could quit bringing home from the grocery store? I now know that Fudgebars need to be added to my list of only buy once a year items (they will join Double Stuffed Oreos and Old Fashioned Glazed Donuts).

This week make it a point to leave that item OUT of your shopping cart. If you have more than one weakness, work on cutting them out of the grocery list one week at a time. We all know cold turkey may lead to binging.

Weight check: The two pounds from last week must have been water retention because I am holding steady at my start weight.

How are you ladies doing?


  1. i had birthday cake. bad. i basically did bad all weekend. i did bad because i was so busy, and would grab what i could - or didn't eat till the end of the day. argh! so when i went grocery shopping on monday, i bought tons of fresh/healthy stuff and some healthier option "quick stuff" as in frozen "lean" things. (ugh, i know, not the best, but better than chips, or fast food, etc). my BIGGEST problem when i'm busy is that it's soooo easy & handy for me to drive through a fast-food restaurant, my ONLY weakness for fast food (as in, the only fast food i like) and that's Chick-fil-a. (southern based chain), sooo good - so it's all too tempting and quick to drive through & grab a bite. i am working on avoiding that, and waiting till i get home to eat rather than relying on that. i avoided it once, i can do it again!

  2. oh BTW, blue bunny has a really good low-fat sugar free fudgesicle that is really good - doesn't taste that "diet-y" either.

  3. Yes! There is a ton of stuff that neither I nor my kids need that I bring home. I need to do better.

    Yum on the Fudge bars! :)


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