Friday, August 21, 2009

Polly Want a Circle? - A Toy Review

When the toy website, Ebeanstalk, contacted me about letting B try out one of their recommended toys I was ecstatic! They are known to be very dedicated in selecting good, safe toys and baby gifts. I was doubly stoked when I found out we were getting a Tiny Love product! We received the Developmental Gym by Tiny Love (from my sweet stepmother) when B was just a little guy and he LOVED it. Tiny Love really seems to know how to make great developmental toys .

The toy they sent is the Sort n' Learn Pelican. As soon as B saw what was in the box I had to race to get it unpacked. He was VERY eager to play with it.

It does take batteries - 3 AAA's. Thankfully Tiny Love knows that not all of us have the battery drawer stocked and provided the toy - batteries included!

The Pelican has three sound settings and three language settings (English, French and Spanish). It will recognize the color or shape or give a fun sound whenever one of the shapes is pushed through its proper slot.

Here is what we liked about the toy:

  1. It is bright and colorful.
  2. It is nearly indestructible as far as we can tell. Bode has tried to sit IN it and everything seems to hold up to his rowdy ways.
  3. It is versatile. When B gets frustrated with the shape sorter he can simply lift that section up and fill and dump the beak as often as he likes.
  4. The sounds are not annoying or horribly loud. You will not have to count down the minutes until the batteries die. Plus, it has volume control, so you can simply lower the volume or turn the sounds completely off.
  5. It doesn't have a bazillion bells and whistles. It encourages development without being obnoxious. I am a firm believer in simpler toys, but sometimes they are unable to keep B's attention. This toy draws him back over and over again.
  6. The spoken shape and color settings reinforce words we are teaching.

A few flaws.
  1. The top of the pelican head detaches pretty easily. Well, it seems like my son rips it off it's hinges a lot. It really is no big deal since it snaps on and off simply. This is not a huge drawback and if your little one is a little less maniacal when it comes to playing with toys you will probably not have the same problem.
  2. When the pelican's head is off and the shape sorter is lifted up, my husband thinks it looks like a urinal. (It kind of does) Not really a flaw, just the fact of the matter. Norse thought it could double as a potty chair if B decides he doesn't want it anymore. (Now I am reasonably sure that no one will EVER send me anything to try out again because of that last comment, but you the consumer have to know the truth!)

All in all I give the Learn n' Fun Sorter an A.

Boden enjoys playing with it. He has already started figuring out how the shapes fit in the sorter. He is content to play independently with the toy. It has remained at the top of the toy bin for an entire week. This one is a keeper! Thanks Ebeanstalk!

Please forgive my poor quality pictures and messy house. I am neither a photographer or a maid.

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