Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cozy Doesn't Have a Color

A few days ago we received a Cabela's flyer in the mail. Of course my manly husband had to check out all the bargains.

Soon, he was chuckling to himself. The kind of laugh that is kind of quiet, but your shoulders move up and down.

I had to know what was sooooo funny.

Pretty soon we were both rolling at the thought of these two guys, snuggled in to their PINK sleeping bags, at huntin' camp.

Not that there is anything wrong with pink sleeping bags - if you are a pre-teen GIRL!

Perhaps they thought that having the "CAM-O-COT" would distract the guys from noticing the unfortunate color of their sleeping bags. They are relaxing and trying to look VERY nonchalant.

No, really, maybe you're MAN enough to wear...er...sleep pink, but I bet you would get tired of the ribbing you would receive if you took this on a trip with any of the guys I know.

Obviously it was a printing error, but it sure made our night.

Man, we really need to get out more.

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