Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chick Flicks

The hubby is camping. The boy is asleep.

I figured this was the perfect time for me to watch a movie that:
a) Norse wouldn't like
b) Had received good reviews
c) I thought would be thought provoking

I picked - Rachel Getting Married featuring Anne Hathaway as the lead character, Kym.

After watching it I felt the following emotions:
a) disappointment that I spent my free chick flick night on a movie that was boring, depressing, and had no real conclusion. (I should have just watched Pretty in Pink for the millionth time)
b) worried that I am indeed not cool enough to understand and appreciate movies that the cool people seem to enjoy. (I am sure just by using the word cool, you have already realized that I am indeed not in the know.)
c) wishing I could belly dance, sing or play any type of musical instrument. (There were some talented performers in the film)

Thankfully after Googling "What is so great about the movie Rachel Getting Married?" I found out that I am NOT the only person who thought the movie was a little lame. Maybe I am not as socially defunct as I thought. However, if you did think the movie was worth the two hours spent watching, please enlighten me. What is so great about that movie?


  1. Laura Johnson6:32 AM

    I also didn't "get" the movie when I watched it a couple months ago. Glad I'm not the only one! I thought it was incredibly depressing and I (thankfully) didn't identify with the characters.

  2. Oh...well, ahem...I kinda (really) liked that movie. To me, a movie can be really good even if it is kinda lame. I know that sounds strange. What I mean is, there was just so much raw emotion and, well, reality in that movie, that I couldn't shrug it off, even though, by hollywood standards, it might not have been all that "entertaining." That's just my take on "Rachel Getting Married."


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