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Right or Wrong? - Homosexuality, Christianity and Popular Opinion

I posted this on my FB page, but have since decided that perhaps it should go on the good 'ol blog instead. Allowing people to post reactions anonymously to protect the innocent :)


I like most people. I do not want to hurt any ones feelings. I am not hateful. I do not picket on street corners. I do not consider myself a political or religious nut job. I am a Christian and want to glorify the One God with my life. I want to treat people with respect. I am not trying to impose my spiritual, political or moral beliefs upon anyone else. I DO want quality discussion from people on both sides of the issues.

Here is the question -

Is the act of homosexuality morally wrong or sinful? Why?

Follow up question -

By accepting the GLBT lifestyle will this cause any repercussions for the generations that follow? Will they be good or bad?

There are basically two sides to this coin for the Christian -
1. You believe that the Bible speaks directly to this issue, can be taken literally, and that, yes, the act of same sex relations is sinful.
2. You believe that the Bible does not speak directly to this issue, that OT passages are no longer culturally relevant, and that same sex relations are not sinful. ( I am posting links to a few sites that discuss this viewpoint ( here, here and here) because I think it is less commonly known.

What do you think?

Most of the discussion centers around passages in Leviticus 18 & 20, the story of Sodom & Gommorah in Genesis 19, and Romans 1 - if this helps.

I am waiting to hear from you all before I post my findings because I don't want to taint the discussion with my immediate opinion.


  1. Jes, I posted this reply to some of your questions on my own blog, but for the sake of discussion with others, I thought I'd copy/paste it here:

    I do not believe that it is a sin to be a homosexual. Homosexuality is an orientation, nothing more. I believe promiscuity is a sin. I believe that lust is sin. Heterosexual and homosexual people alike fall prey to promiscuity and lust. But where there is genuine, selfless romantic love between two people--? I do not think it is fair to judge who should or should not be "in love" on the basis of whether or not the lovers in question possess the same genetalia. It's arbitrary. God's Word is not arbitrary. I believe that the passages where the Bible condemns homosexuality reflect a condemnation of promiscuity/lust, which is always wrong. I also believe there was a much, much higher perogative to bear children then, and that perogative is lessened in our day, as overpopulation issues are facing our country and many others. I agree with the blogger I cited, when she says time and cultural context need to be considered, as well as the spirit in which the Word was written. Obviously, the Bible is interpreted many different ways, depending on one's worldview, and to some extent one's biases and prejudices, but I believe the Word, concerning homosexuality should be interpreted as a proscription against promiscuity/lust.

  2. I believe that everything the Bible says is true & relevant & that following what the Bible says leads to life. I believe homosexuality is a sin, because it is condemned in the Bible. However, I think what people fail to recognize when they talk about homosexuality being a sin is that it is no different than any other sin. Its no worse than fornication, murder, lying, adultery. I believe God views all sin as sin- acts that lead to separation from Him & ultimately death.

  3. I believe it is wrong in God's eyes. With that said, He is the final judge and only He truly knows their heart. So, I try not to judge people for who they fall in love with because there's more to love than the sexual relationship.

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I believe homosexuality is a sin, plain and simple, as written in God's Word. Either we choose to believe the Bible in whole, or not. I believe that what is written on the pages of the Bible is not up for debate about whether it matters today as much as it did at the time it was written. As God wrote the list of unlawful sexual relations in Lev. 18, He put it there for all generations, meaning it's as wrong today as it was then. I do not believe we can pick and choose from God's Word what's relevant in our generation versus what was relevant in Biblical times. In accepting homosexuality today, what are we teaching children about sin and the impact of it in our relationship with God? That sinful acts are no big deal because we have to be tolerant and accepting of everyone's lifestyle? I do not believe we, as christians, can hold non-believers to the moral standard of the Bible. However, in 1 Cor. 5, Paul speaks about judging fellow believers, and I believe we have an obligation to speak truth from the Word to christians living in a sinful lifestyle.
    I agree that we live in a generation today that emphasizes being accepting of all walks of life. Yet, we also live in a generation of christians getting unheard and dismissed by more popular opinions and exciting new alternative ways of living. So, do we sit back and "go with the flow" along with everyone else, just because it sounds gracious and accepting and that's how God wants us to be? Or, do we stand up for what God hates and disapproves because that's what we're called to do as His followers? Homosexuality is wrong, but I still strive to show God's unconditional love.

  5. I always find the condemnation against "picking and choosing" when it comes to what we apply to our lives from God's Word, an interesting condemnation...

    No matter how thorough we believe ourselves to be in following the Bible, word for word--we're really not thorough at all. we fail to apply the whole Bible to our lives. And we fail not because we're fallen creatures, but simply because there are some things we simply don't want to follow (though few admit it) and other things we really do consider to be outdated. For example, women often speak in church today, even though Paul is pretty clear in proscribing otherwise. Women also no longer cover their heads. And what about the Old Testament's proscription against usury?--Notwithstanding, how many Christians carry credit cards? Yeah, the biggies, like homosexuality and murder are still intact, but a plethora of little things (which Candi is wise to point out are not little things to God) are ignored, even by people who claim to follow the Bible in it's entirety.

  6. I agree with Candi.
    From Romans 1:
    25They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
    26Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

    Clearly this does not just speak of "promiscuity and lust"... it is talking about the clear act itself. I believe it to be wrong, a shameful sin that God gave them over to because they chose to worship sexual intercourse as an idol instead of the creator of sex.

    So I guess I would sit in the #1 category that Jes mentioned

  7. I would ask, in reply to Greg's comments, why were the acts "indecent?" according to Paul? And even if Paul and most of the religious leaders of his day thought that the act itself was wrong, why do you think they thought so? I believe that it was because it was an anciet culture that feared what was unfamiliar or "unnatural"--as we still do today. But just because something is unfamiliar, or doesn't follow the status quo, does not mean it is sinful. Perhpas the bigger factor was the fear of childlessness, which should not be a fear today, as overpopulation issues confront our nation, as I mentioned before. You see, I think there's always, always context to be considered. Things are not just set, and decided once and for all. The need for upright, moral people is unchanging, I'll grant, but what is morality--? Is it not about loving one's neighbor, and refusing to do him harm? Isn't that the whole crux of the issue? I do not believe that being a homosexual harms anybody, UNLESS it the GLBT in question is behaving out of lust, which goes for heterosexual people just the same.

  8. "I believe that it was because it was an anciet culture that feared what was unfamiliar or "unnatural"--as we still do today."

    Heck yes, it is definitely unnatural, you said it yourself! People view it as unnatural, because it isn't. That works against your viewpoint. But believing it was "unfamiliar" is misguided, and that's where your wrong. Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years, from even before the flood.

    I had a professor at Bible school telling us a little bit about how messed up ancient Greece was during the time of Paul, and i remember him saying that it was just accepted that grown men would have their way with little boys. Homosexual activity was most definitely not "unfamiliar."


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