Thursday, July 02, 2009

Families, Drama, and Life at My House

I have just returned from a trip to AZ to visit my mom. It reminded me again how much I miss having her closer than 3 states away. The trip was exhausting, but fun. The little man is still recuperating from the madness. We shopped, we played, we ATE! Oh, boy, did we ever eat. But...

I missed Norse.

He is my rock. He is the one who keeps me sane. He is the one who helps me with everything. I seriously don't know what I would do without him. It is so nice to come home to him. He is my refuge. (I know that there is only One who can meet all my needs, but Norse is often the one He uses to speak to me)

The trip however was not without drama. Drama in AZ and drama that tracked me down from back home in Montana. I know we are to carry one another's burdens, but I do NOT do well with drama. Honestly, I find it ridiculous and unnecessary. I find myself wanting to just ignore the people involved and the entire issue - and then I feel guilty because of my uncompassionate heart. My current attitude (albeit a wrong one) is that people need to deal with their issues and quit playing games. I feel frustrated when the same things keep popping up. I get sick of the whining and complaining. I get sick of dealing with everyone else's problems. I get sick of people.

This is why I am glad that God is not like me. His compassion never fails. His mercy is unending. His grace is immeasurable. His patience with humanity is astounding. I keep thinking of the book of Hosea - and how this woman, Gomer, prostitutes herself, keeps running, keeps hurting others, and yet she continues to be sought out, rescued and loved by her husband. How often my love runs dry, but His never will.

Hopefully He can take this hard heart and make it soft again.


  1. i know most people don't like hearing "i know how you feel", or "i understand you"...because in many cases, we don't. BUT i am going to say it here. that hit home for me on many levels. that's a brutally honest prayer at the end of your post, asking God to make your heart soft again. thank you for sharing it. i know i needed to hear it. i am so glad you had such a great time despite the drama. once you get back from visiting it can take awhile to re-boot, process, etc. i bet boden was excited to see norse, too! boys & their dads : ) i'll write you soon. hang in there. thanks for sharing!

  2. next time you are in AZ, let me know!!!! I would have loved to see you!

  3. I understand how you feel! I too hate drama. I will say, though, that I don't think that feeling that people should grow up and stop playing games is a wrong way to feel. Often, peoples' drama is nothing more than selfishness.I realize, too, that keeping a positive attitude is important. But how does one communicate firmness and an unwillingness to be involved or accomplice in bickering/whining/etc, without being negative, or insensitive? I guess my questions are the same as yours ;) Lemme know if you figure it out!


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