Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank You to our Sponsors

Last weekend was the Big Sky Bible Camp Kick-off.

This was the first event of its kind. The first party I have ever planned. The first time I asked God everyday to help me accomplish what He wanted me to accomplish for this event. The first time I felt relaxed when the time actually came.

Praise to The One who made the event a success.

The event was to celebrate our summer season starting... but really I was hoping to introduce people to this ministry. I also hoped to raise some money. We did receive several donations that were auctioned off to fund the event and help send kids to camp.

Over the next few days I would like to highlight these businesses - local and not so local - as an expression of appreciation to these people who didn't turn me down when I asked. These people generously gave what they could and because of them kids get to enjoy the beauty of God's creation and experience the love of Christ poured out through the staff.

Today's "Thank You" goes to Lisa Leonard.

The only way you may not have already heard about her is :
1. You are not a mom blogger
2. You do not know a mom blogger
3. You hate jewelry.

She donated this necklace with a pearl. It was wonderful! I looked at it everyday until I had to hand it over to the winner.
sea star necklace
She does excellent work.

She has a generous heart. Even though she had no idea who I was or what BSBC was, she said yes...AND even though she was swamped with orders people actually paid for, she made the time to send us out a beautiful piece of jewelry.

SO... I think you should go over and check out her things, because she is a woman worth supporting.

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  1. How generous of her! Yes, I am familiar with her and she is a wonderful lady.


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