Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank You to Our Sponsors - Taco Del Sol

Taco Del Sol is my favorite - not fast food - fast food choice. Serving up delicious burritos and tacos with fresh ingredients - and they have a decent fish taco - which is hard to find in Montana!

I went in to see if I could hang a flyer for Camp. Here is the conversation:

Me (sheepishly): "Would it be okay if I hung up a flyer"
Clerk: "Ummm... let me ask"
Owner comes out: "It doesn't have any cuss words or anything, right?"
Me: "NO! It's for a Bible Camp. "
Owner: "Oh, sure, I love Bible Camps!"

I eat there even more than I used to! They generously gave 3 gift certificates! Hooray!

Thank you Taco Del Sol!

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