Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You to our Sponsors - The Gift Gal

Our second "Thank You" goes to the Gift Gal, Angie.

She like Lisa, had never heard of us. She prayed about it and said yes! She donated a lovely bracelet from the Gurrlie Girl Jewelry line that she sells. I wish I had a picture, but you will just have to head over to her site and check out the wonderful gift baskets that she creates for people! The wonderful thing is that she can create a basket for every price range and it saves you all that work of shopping around for all the "perfect" things. (This especially appeals to me since my little dude is super fun to shop with - kidding of course)

Next time you don't have the time to spend all week shopping around check out Angie's business and let her do the work!

Thanks Angie!

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