Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank You to our Sponsors - Bradley Massage

I have never had a professional massage. I never want a professional massage. I know, I know - if I had one I would love it - that is what you say. However, it creeps me out because it seems kind of intimate. I know I am weird.

If I ever was going to get a massage I would go to Bradley Massage. Douglas is a dear friend (and proud papa!) He and his wife decided that after baby Bradley came into the world that his lovely wife would become a stay at home mom! God has been faithful to them and they faithfully gave a gift certificate to the Camp auction! How generous is that?

Thanks Douglas!

Now it is your turn... the next time you are in Kalispell, Montana schedule yourself a massage with one of the best in the business! Here is the information:

Bradley Massage - 406-250-0707 (I wanted to link, but it looked like the site was having some issues. Hopefully by the time you read this, it will be up and running again!)

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