Monday, June 01, 2009

Mom Jeans

Sooooo... I have worked out everyday for the last week and I have GAINED five pounds. Are you freaking kidding me? 

I am afraid that soon I will have to resort to mom jeans.

Heaven help me. 


  1. hahahahha...that video is both funny, and horrifying. i COMPLETELY know what you mean. i just told joe, "I GAINED weight on that "diet". how does that happen. I work out, eat right, and don't look a bit different. maybe you gained 5 lbs. of muscle.

  2. I say call it muscle-and those jeans wouldn't do me any good unless they had elastic :)Thanks for visiting my blog-you have such a sweet family!

  3. Ne-vah!

    I have heard that when you work out heavily, especially when you start a new program, your muscles retain water while they are trying to heal from the new activity. So maybe that's where the 5lbs came from!

  4. MUSCLE!! If you are working out then you gained muscle. Keep it up and don't get discouraged.

    And don't get Mom jeans :)

  5. You're just TOO stylin', girl, to resort to those :)!!


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