Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hydroponics isn't Just for Growing Pot... Thank You to Our Sponsors - Mountainview Gardens

Soooo, when someone used to mention hydroponics to me - all I could thing of were the grow lights under a dorm room bed and marijuana plants. (This being one of the first times innocent little me saw the grow operation in my dorm building )

As a responsible adult, I am privileged to know the founders and owners of Mountainview Gardens.

Darren & Keith are now providing delicious lettuce, cukes, tomatoes and other gourmet yumminess to local supermarkets, restaurants and farmers markets.

Their produce is fresh. It is organic - without paying the fee to actually be USDA approved organic and all sorts of wonderful.

Check out their website and next time you are at a fine dining establishment you may be savoring some of their gardens yield.

Thanks guys for giving SO much to camp! May you be blessed as you expand this summer!

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