Friday, June 05, 2009

Cloth Diapers

Simple Mom has just finished a series on cloth diapering. I REALLY wish I had started with CD. I am tempted to switch, but at this point am unsure if it would be cost effective. If you are just starting out with a wee one, I would recommend that you read her posts from the last week. If we have another i will probably go cloth, but that is a big if at this point. 

Bonus: She is giving away some starter kits, so sign up to win. It is only going until Sunday. 

Or don't sign up so I have a better odds of winning the giveaway for myself .   :) 

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  1. I LOVE CLOTH!!!! I can't rave about them enough. You should switch. Do you want more kids? Oh my goodness... I LOVE THEM. That's all. :-)


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