Thursday, May 07, 2009

Why Does Laughing Feel Wrong?

You can see from my blog roll that I think the site Stuff White People Like is hilarious. Why not laugh at how ridiculous our patterns of behavior are revealed to be?

Well some enterprising person thought it would be funny to start a blog about stuff white Christians like. I am torn, because some posts really are funny... like this one. 

But, then I wonder if somehow the sarcasm in this blog is tearing us apart rather than building us up.

What do you think? Is it funny or sacrilegious? Am I a fuddy duddy or right on (in thinking that somehow this seems wrong)?


  1. I find it funny........however I am not the most zealous. I actually think the things we wince at are learning opportunities. I've bookmarked both sites, thanks!

  2. I think it is funny. It might not be funny to some though. Some Christians might find offense but I don't. Laughing is good for you.

  3. It feels wrong because we often feel led to defend our faith. We are accustomed to others laughing at us for our beliefs. So HOW can we laugh at ourselves?

    I think that site is much more about human behavior than Christianity. And you are right - so many of the posts are just SO funny.

    We have LIBERTY through Christ. It is very easy to enforce legalism over our life in a hope to be 'good'. LAUGH lady! It is not sinful to laugh :)

  4. Thanks for the link to our site and the discussion! Glad your readers are finding our little site funny!


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