Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day - Linkage

Do you find yourself wishing you knew how to honor our armed forces, but lost for what exactly to do? Well "That Family" has a very special post on a tangible way you can express your gratitude to a young soldier who needs to know. I won't rewrite the whole post because you can take the time to read it here.

But, if you are too busy with gardening, BBQ's and shopping to get over there, here are the bare bones...

You need to send a note, letter, gift, or postcard to:
Sgt. David Thornhill
Tillman Troops
6 Marquise Oaks
The Woodlands, TX 77382

You need to offer this small gesture of kindness because he made a great sacrifice to you and I when he lost his legs and was severely burned in Iraq. That was 2 years ago and he is still in the hospital. He needs your encouragement.

Since our town doesn't have a parade and I think my son will be disrespectful with his loud mouth at a cemetery service, we are going to be spending part of our day putting together a package for this soldier. It is our way to say thank you and a way to teach B that we need to honor those who give their lives so we can sleep peacefully at night.

I am not one to be overly vocal in my appreciation for the troops, but I just sent a quick email to an old acquaintance thanking her and her husband for the sacrifices they are making as a family as he serves in the Marine Corp. This is the response I got:

It has been one very rough and painful year, especially the last two months. Your words are like a balm to my heart, not that we 'need' to hear them, but it's always encouraging to know your sacrifices and hardships are noticed and appreciated.

I try not to be pushy, but I am telling you... DO THIS! Make it a point to send off a note, email, or phone call to tell those you know, who are serving or have served, thank you. It matters to them. Do it TODAY!

And then go barbecue, sunbathe, and eat ice cream because we can!

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  1. I think today is worth being pushy over - it's just too important.

    I hope that you and yours have had a blessed Memorial Day.


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