Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They actually have a brain?

Perhaps you may have missed the question that apparently "cost her the crown". It was the one Miss California answered. The question's root was - do you think gay marriage is right or wrong. She replied by saying  that she felt that marriage was meant for one man and one woman. Now she is being hung out to dry by one of the judges.

I didn't realize that you had to leave all your moral convictions at the door when you decide to be a beauty queen. I guess that is just one more reason why I am not a big fan of these "scholarship programs". I am sure this is teaching a whole new generation of young women to just lie to get what you want. Who cares if you really have an opinion on the subject. Who cares if you actually have a brain that evaluates more interesting issues than what color sequins you want on your bikini.

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  1. i love the fact she took a stand for her beliefs and has said she knows it cost her the crown but wouldnt have it any other way, and she feels like she won..so i say way to go california...and most of the audiance cheered :)


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