Friday, April 03, 2009


After a very unproductive week and such a productive day last week, I am going to stay off the internet for most of the day. Here is the reason why:

My child gets this face when he is stuck and it makes me laugh, because I am a wicked mother. 

Things start innocent enough- on the quest for a Sharpie. 

But quickly take a turn for the worse.

Turning sideways and putting one leg first does not help. 

Just turn back and give mom the googly eyes. That gets him out every time. 

What's new on the web pales in comparison to what new trouble this guy can find in a day. Hope you have a happy Friday! 


  1. this is so stinkin' cute! i love his facial expressions...that's the "trouble" i have to look forward to : ) hope you guys had a restful weekend.

  2. Interesting that he was going after a SHARPIE... heh heh....

  3. glad the guy is doing well!

    ps the new layout is cool


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