Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SFMTY - Girls Week ROCKS!

It's another edition of Sincerely 'Fro Me to You...(apparently the 'Fro carnival was cancelled this week...too late, I already posted this =) I am also linking it up to the carnival for April 23 )

These pictures were captured in 2007. I had the amazing priveledge of directing All Girls Camp at Big Sky Bible Camp. It ended up being one of my last Camp hurrah's because the following summer I was a new momma.

Poor girl was gettin' all the love in my sleep deprived insanity. I love ya "Happy"!

Nothing like a bunch of random props and Jr. High girls to make a person laugh. I am also noticing that my arm is probably the tannest it has ever been in this picture. Wow I am such a white-girl.

Sometimes I make stupid faces, all in the name of fun, never anticipating that they would be spread all across the world via the internet.

We had a horrible summer storm that blew trees down (one on my husbands truck, while he was leading a backpacking trip in the Jewel Basin) and knocked out power at my house. I wasn't even able to shower for 48 hours. I am blaming this headband and flat hair on the lack of water.

I promise not every counselor gets this haggard, just sometimes a first time director. That experience, though hard on my beauty sleep, was most refreshing to my spirit. I will cherish those memories forever, just not the pictures.

If you are interested in sending your kids to Montana for camp, or would like to serve as a counselor, nurse, or kitchen worker please check out the website: We are looking forward to another fantastic summer season.


  1. I love your blog header. It is a real eye catcher. I am new to the blog world and just blog hopping tonight. Would love for you to visit me....

  2. Looks like everyone—especially you—had great fun.

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  3. ah sharpie happy loves you too!!! that week was one of my all time favorite weeks of camp...:) love you

  4. i miss big sky... the institute, i guess, haha! so many awesome memories made at that place...

  5. What a great FRO post with LOTS of photos!

    Oh how I wanted to be a camp director when I was young. I thought it was the coolest job EVER. I guess I never factored in the 'no shower-bad headband' possibility!

  6. I will be forever grateful that *I* have no pictures from my summers spent as a counselor.

    Of course, it was day camp and the lack of sleep can only be attributed to my VERY active social night life.

  7. It look like you had a lot of must have been kind of sad knowing it wa the last time. :)


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