Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nursery Days - Which one is yours?

Last Sunday marked the end of our month long (job) joy of serving in the nursery at church. We found that most kids in our class fit into one of the following stereotypes.

 Which one is your child? 

  • The Loner - This child could really care less that there were other children in the room. He is perfectly content to play all by himself and would really prefer it that way.

  • The Snacker - This one immediately requests a snack and will gladly sit at the snack table for the entire duration of the session, only getting up to ask you for a refill of goldfish. 

  • The Stingy - This child is learning that sharing is not really fun. Most often he does not want to play with the toy, he just doesn't want anyone else to play with the toy. 

  • The Sympathy Cry-er - As soon as one starts, they sympathy crier immediately joins in. Often the parents arrive and say "He never cries!" , but you know the real story. He is not often in a room of 5 other kids to set him off.  Hopefully this child will grow to be a compassionate person and not just a cry-baby.

  • The Stinky - This child has been done a great disservice by his parents. He is labeled the stinker, because his family thought you wouldn't notice that he arrived at church with a load in his drawers. Parents - you aren't fooling anyone and remember we don't want to change it either. We will try to ignore it as long as possible with hopes that the sermon will be a short one. 

  • The Quiet One - The nursery workers dream. This child is an observer. Often she is found in a corner or under a table, wide-eyed, mouth ajar and quiet as a mouse. Is she afraid of me or the other kids? 

  • The Cling-On - This child has a parent that says "He will be fine as soon as I leave." Yaaaaaa, riiiiggghhhtt. This child screams as soon as you put him down. It is almost as though he has a sensor that goes off alerting him when you have almost touched his bottom to the carpet. Again, we just hope the sermon is a short one. 

  • The Screamer - This child is good natured and pretty mellow, but when you least expect it, they will let off a blood curdling scream. Usually it is for no reason and last only a few seconds- just enough time to set off the sympathy crier and the cling-on. 

I know you are thinking - my child is the loner or the quiet one. He is perfectly content in all situations. Keep dreaming. 

If you would like to make your child's nursery worker, care provider, or Sunday school teacher a little more joyful in his/her duties try these tips: 

1. Always take them in with a clean diaper. 

2. Do not leave them for the volunteer to handle if they are ill, exhausted or famished. 

3. If your child has a special pacifier, blanket or toy that soothes them, let us know! 

4. If possible take your child with you during the singing portion of your church service and drop them off when the sermon starts. They usually love the music and are rarely disruptive when people are singing. 

5. Volunteer. It seems helpers are always needed and think of it as your civic duty to let another parent have a few minutes of peace, while they sit in the pew. 

6. Say thank you. Write them a note to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. It really goes a long way in helping crabby attitudes. 

So which child is mine? He has probably been them all at one point or another. I hold no grand  illusions that he is perfect - well at least not since I had to rescue our nursery volunteer from my son - the cling-on, sympathy crying, screamer. 

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  1. I worked the nursery at church Sat and my girl is the:
    run into the walls full speed
    as well as the:
    big smile



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