Monday, April 06, 2009

Nursery Days

Norse and I are on nursery duty for the month of April. We had our first Sunday, yesterday, with 5 little cuties (including ours) ages 10-23 months. I learned a few things about my son. 

1. He is a sympathy crier
2. He gets jealous when other children are being held by his parents
3. He likes to poke other kids in the face
4. He also likes to ram other kids with the toys he is playing with. 
5. He is the busiest little one in this age group. While other kids were content to sit and play with one group of toys, he had to investigate and take out all the other toys. From bin, to bin, to bin he went, having to have them all. 
6. He is my favorite

One week down , three to go. Is it wrong to pray that we won't get very many babies next week? Probably. =) 


  1. Sounds just like my daughter!

  2. I'm a preschool teacher and whenever we have a parent helper in the classroom, that parent's child always acts completely different then usual! And yes, it's always easier when a few students are absent! You're half-way through the month!


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