Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a little off...

I haven't blogged in a few days.

Here are my reasons:

1. Norse took Friday off and I wanted to spend it with him (because he is awesome).
(this isn't from Friday, but does display Norse's awesomeness)

2. B and I have been plagued with a bad case of unending snot

(The sheen is not from that buttery plastic corn or the saliva he produces, no, it is mucus)

3. The crap that clogs up life has been keeping me too busy to want to write something encouraging to my fabulous readers.

4. It snowed 5 inches at my house today and I am struggling to be thankful for the moisture. (It is supposed to be SPRING!)

So, if you are just wishing you had something interesting to read, let me suggest two great links to tide you over:

First, there is Rocks in My Dryer - whom I adore. This post has really helped me think about "why" I blog and if I am adding to the noise or really have something to say.

Second, there is Simple Mom - who I just found out is my sweet friend Carly's sister-in-law! So you could almost say she is like my friend too! Well, maybe not, but she always has helpful ideas!

So satisfy your bloggy needs by checking them out and forgive me for my recent lack of communication.

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  1. oops. i hope i didn't annoy/offend you with my weather comment on FB. i wasn't aware till now how couped up/miserable you've been lately with colds, and such. i've always had a very hard time w/ that in MT when i lived there - hard time tolerating the out-of-season weather. and i know what it's like to be couped up - not cool. hopefully you guys will find some relief, soon. were you able to get out today at all?


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