Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bite Your Tongue - Part 1

I warned you I'd be writing to the ladies this week (after my mini-rant on the man folk). So, here it is pretty women, but I am sure for most of you this isn't an issue. Riiiigggghhhhhtttt. =) 

Recently my Bible study Sista's and I have been talking about how it is so easy to become a woman filled with negativity instead of optimism and grace. We set out to change our ways. Well we asked each other to pray that God would help us change our ways.

 It was no more than 6 hours later that this happened: 

I am playing cards with some friends at a recent gathering. Dear hubby is in the living room with another group. Baby B is at my side and becoming antsy. I decide that a few toys would occupy his curiosity for a little while and I do my best to get Norse's attention. He doesn't hear me and Lori's nice hubster starts coming to my aid, finding some toys. Most women would react well in this situation. It is no big deal. Right? 

Well, I am no ordinary woman. I transform into the mad lady, complete with death stare and snarl. I yell at my husband to not let someone else do what he should be doing. (Don't wince in horror, you know you've done it too)

Immediately my sista's called me on it. I could only laugh. How was I so oblivious to that seething, crazy woman that so easily surfaced, at the smallest inconvenience. It was then that I knew I really wasn't as gracious and positive as I had deceived myself into thinking. 

I apologized to Norse. I probably should have apologized to the whole group of people for making a fool of myself. It really started making me think about how my words affect those around me.  

(tune in tomorrow for more...)

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! I can completely relate! I get so angry with my husband. Humbleness is not an easy thing for me! I like your blog. Very nice!




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