Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Safety Inspection

We purchased a new (to us) table at the auction last week. I have had a dining room set on my wish list for a few years now. It is almost impossible for us to buy furniture because we want quality (and Norse knows what that looks like) at bargain prices. I was a little shocked that my dear hubby called to tell me we had "won" the bidding. I had to wait until the following evening for Norse to take it apart so we could get it through the doorways, but I hauled in the chairs. B reminded me so much of his dad as he performed a safety inspection.

"A kid could get stuck between these chairs. I am gonna have to mark you down for that."

"The seats look pretty sturdy"

"Let's take a look underneath."

"Hmmm, it looks like a screw is coming loose under here, you are gonna want to have dad tighten that up."

"It'll do mom."


  1. haha yeh buddy! he was all over that ;)

  2. Haha! So cute! He gets the same look on his face that Joshua gets when he's checking things out.


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