Monday, March 30, 2009

How did it go?

As you all know, I "unplugged" for 24 hours. I have to confess it was only 23.

It began Thursday night. I tidied up all the loose ends, scheduled my blog to post the next day, checked my email and one last status update on Facebook.

I slept well, which was fantastic because it took up so much time. B woke up an hour earlier and we had fun playing after breakfast. I was amazed at how much fun we could have when all my attention was on him alone. I wasn't trying to get something done and annoyed that he was being whiny or trying to grab the mouse. I realized that my son is so much more rewarding than whatever blog I would be reading, picture I would be looking at, or email I would be checking.

My super cool brother-in-law was coming to visit, so when B went down for a nap, I went to work. I swept, mopped, vacuumed, folded laundry, showered, and did the dishes. I realized I am very efficient when the hum of the computer does not distract me.

Nap time was over and lunch was prepared. Yummy. We headed to the bank and to check on the summer home we house sit. Then more playtime a little tidying up and back for another nap. That went by fast. I realized that checking all the things off my "to-do" list is possible when I am not seeing if there were any "updates".

I worked out and read a little. It was around 3:30. I started wondering what I could do. I was bored, but I didn't cave. I texted my sweet hubby. Fortunately, he was coming home early anyway and saved me from the lure of the mac. The evening progressed nicely, Bjorn arrived, we had dinner, chilled, bath time, baby to bed... now what? The guys were playing the wii and I caved. Only an hour before my 24 hours were over I hopped online to waste some time. I realized that pretty much anything I needed to do on the web took about an hour and that I really can live without it for a day!

This is the first time since college that I have had Internet access in my home. I survived 8 years without it, but now realize that I have been wasting too much time on the computer. This little exercise has motivated me to unplug, until my daily duties are finished and perhaps even once a week. I don't want my child to remember the times I was "too busy" behind the keyboard to play with him and I want to honor my husband by giving him a sanctuary to come home to, instead of giving him the excuse that I was too busy. Thanks Kimba for the nudge to make the main thing, the main thing, again!

I am looking forward to fewer hours staring at the screen and more time being purposeful. How are your priorities?

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  1. I am stopping by via ASPTL. You made good use of your time off!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your day. My day being unplugged was very similar. It was refreshing, and a good reminder of what's (who's!) most important. Our kids ARE so much more rewarding.

  3. Way to go! I love all the good the computer can bring to us, but wrestle also with what it can take away. May God continue to give you discernment so that you can use this tool as just what it is intended to be!



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